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We are a group of people with different backgrounds and skills, but we are all animation fans! We invite animators from around the world to publish their original works, exchange ideas and build up a network in AniZone.

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Build an online portfolio with AniZone. Get your work noticed and liked by animation enthusiasts. AniZone is a free platform without ads. Sign up for a Kdan ID and get started today.

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Q. Is AniZone a free platform?

A. Yes, AniZone is a free platform. You need a Kdan ID to publish videos or interact with other members on AniZone, and the registration is totally free.

Q. What is a Kdan ID then?

A. AniZone is operated and managed by Kdan Mobile. You can access Kdan apps, Kdan Cloud Services, and other online services with your Kdan ID.

Q. What does the “Attach File” button do in the Upload page?

A. Push on the “Attach File” button to upload extra information about your work. For example, screenshots, storyboards, and scripts.

Q. Do I still own the copyright of my original works on AniZone?

A. Yes, you own the sole and exclusive intellectual properties of your original work.